अयोध्या को लेकर योगी सरकार ने लिया बहुत बड़ा फैसला यूपी की सियासत में आय...

As the elections are getting closer, the issue of constructing Ram temple is also getting very poor. Significantly, on the appeal of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, there has been a continuous rush in Ayodhya for the last several days. Apart from this, Hindu organizations have also called a big rally in Ayodhya on November 25. That is why CM Yogi Adityanath has taken a big step in Ayodhya in view of security

In fact, the Uttar Pradesh government has extended Section 144 to keep the peace system in Ayodhya till 17 January 2019. This has led to increased security in Ram Janmabhoomi Complex. Apart from this, all the stringent rules have also been implemented. This is the reason why in Uttar Pradesh, once again the politics has started, why is the Yogi government imposing Section 144 against Ram's supporters?
However, security has been tightened after Section 144 was imposed in Ram Janmabhoomi Complex. This is the reason why you can not take any camera, video camera, blackjack, knife etc. in the Ram Janmabhoomi path. Apart from this, no person can stop or sit, from the entry pass to the exit door for the birthplace of the birthplace. Apart from this, no person can go any way other than the scheduled route to visit the Ram Janmabhoomi Complex.
However, because of the appeal of Hindu organizations, the continuous mobility in Ayodhya is increasing in quantity. In this way, now it is necessary to see whether the Yogi Government can calmly control this crowd or not. However, what do you think about the imposition of section 144 in Ayodhya by the Yogi Sarkar and what is your opinion about such strict rules? Let us know in the comment box. Follow our channel as well