28 साल की युवती से रचाई 75 साल के बुजुर्ग ने शादी बाद में जो हुआ जान हो ...

No one knows when friends will be loved by whom. A recent case has emerged in which the heart of the 65-year-old's elderly has come to the 28-year-old woman. However, both of them have got married. But now the woman wants to get a divorce but the elderly is refusing to divorce. In today's post we tell you that after reading the heart of the 65-year-old woman who came to the 28-year-old woman, you will be surprised.

The latest case is from Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh. The girl's name is being called Juhi. According to reports, in 2010, Juhi was married to a boy named Javed, after the marriage, Juhi and Javed had two sons, but after two years they got divorced in 2013. Javed gave three divorce to the Juhi For your information, let us know that according to Muslim religion, if a person gives three divorce to a woman and if they want to be together again, then the first woman has to have a physical relationship with her other person. Only then can there be a marriage with the husband. After divorcing between Juhi and Javed, both the children were divorced. But after a few years Javed realized his mistake. Then Javed wanted that he would keep his wife with him. But it was necessary for him to make halala. After which the 28-year-old's marriage was done with the 65-year-old elderly. The elderly name is being named Babbu
However, after the marriage, Juhi kept asking for divorce from the 65-year-old elderly every day, but the 65-year-old elderly refused to divorce. The elderly says that I will not divorce till my death. Now Juhi's first husband is also upset. 65-year-old elderly says that there was no such thing as Halala when marrying me. I was offered marriage only. However, Juhi has now begun justice to save her body