यहां नई-नवेली दुल्हन को 5 दिनों तक रहना पड़ता है बिना कपड़ों के वजह जान ...

Such traditions are played in many countries of the world. Which is very different in itself. Although it sounds very strange in the hearings. But those who discharge these traditions are very excited to play them. However, due to these traditions our society remains connected. Friends, unique traditions are sometimes played at certain places. Which is very interesting

In this sequence, you are telling about a tradition which everybody is shocked to hear about. Our India is such a place in the country; Married women live without clothes for 5 days. The shocking thing is that when this is done, one cloth is not kept on the body. This is not a new practice but it has been running for centuries. Friends are the village Pani in the Manikarna valley of the eastern state of Himachal Pradesh.
Where it is played. If you are thinking that husband wife is living together, then it is also wrong because under this tradition, the husband's shadow is not allowed to fall on the wife. According to the information received from the sources, when it is played then nobody sees this woman. It is said that it is discharged to avoid any evil eye throughout life
In fact, this tradition has been going on for centuries in this village and people here believe that if a month did not do so, there would be many problems in his life. This tradition is so crazy about the people that if one denies tradition, then he is excluded from society. And the entire society does not have any kind of relationship with her. Because of which all people are willing to accept this tradition