अगर स्टेट बैंक में आपका खाता है तो हो जाएं सावधान भुलकर भी न करें ये गलत...

Reserve Bank of India has recently instructed all banks to issue Chip ATM cards to protect customers from fraud and now almost all banks have provided free-of-charge ATM cards to their customers. Apart from this, State Bank of India is also making concerted efforts to provide better facilities to its customers and to keep their money safe and State Bank has taken a major step in this sequence. In fact, the State Bank is sending an SMS to the customers in which it is being told how vicious thieves are cheating customers in the name of Reward Point

According to State Bank of India, there are many such vicious thieves who are looting lakhs of rupees by getting people's credit card and debit card details. Such thieves promise to send you a message and give a gift voucher in the name of Rewards Point and also ask you all the details of the ATM card or credit card, while the bank always says that any bank employee can send any ATM card from any customer to the CVV Or pin does not ask for any information related to it. In such a situation, if you want to become a vicious thief bank employee, ask for your debit card or credit card, do not forget it or else you can wash your money in such a way.
According to one person living in Delhi, one day he received an SMS for redeeming Rewards Points, and after that the personal information related to the debit card and the account was asked as soon as the person gave all the information, A message was received from the account of big transactions and after that the person complained to the police. In this case, the bank says that no bank official ever asks the customer no information from the bank account via email, SMS or call. Therefore, we should always stay away from such vicious thieves. If you too ever receive such messages, then take any action before contacting the bank about this.