बाबा के लिए जेल में तड़प रही हनीप्रीत के लिए आयी खुशखबरी आखिर कोर्ट ने द...

Honeypreet has got permission to talk but the call of the prison department will be kept in call at these two numbers. There was also an assurance from Honeypreet that the court would not have any unlawful talk on the phone.

Honeypreet had filed a petition in the High Court against non-phone facility in jail, and asked why he was not allowed to talk to other prisoners. The High Court had summoned the reply by issuing notice to the Haryana Government. During the hearing, the High Court was informed that according to the jail rules the prisoners can negotiate on two numbers. In such a situation, Honeypreet should also be allowed to speak. Honeypreet had given two numbers in the High Court which he wants to talk to.

After listening to all the parties, the High Court allowed Honeypreet to talk to the prison on the phone according to the rules. The High Court said that when there is a provision in the jail manual, a prisoner should not be stopped from talking to his parents.