जब डीएम बी चंद्रकला ने उठाई थी बंदूक किए थे कई राउंड फायर और खुद ही फस ग...

BR B Chandrakal, who played brick-brick against corruption, once took the gun in the Bulandshahr of UP. In the anti-wrist drill organized in the police line, the DM was surprised to see the rhetoric weapon in the wake of the Gram-Pradhan elections.

In addition to the officers of the police-administration in the election duty, DM-SSP had given training to the subordinates living with them compulsorily in the moccrill. During this, DM and SSP also trained in arms to increase the morale of the police force. While learning the operating nuances of gun and anti-wright wapens in hand, photo of Bulandshahr district collector B Chandrakala's photo on social media was also in the limelight. During this time DM B Chandrakala also made several round fire from the gun
In view of disturbances and fears of violence in the Gram Pradhan election, the District Magistrate has made training of arms to all officers and their subordinates of the district compulsory. DM himself also trained to run anti-wright wapons and also fired a gun from the gun during rehearsal. DM learned to load tiresgace guns, rubber bullet guns, anti-wright guns and fire them.