जज ने सुनाया फैसला तो तुरन्त ही राम रहीम और हनीप्रीत करने लगे ये काम देख...

CBI court ruled out major verdict on Friday in journalist massacre Court convicted Ram Rahim After this decision of the judge Jagdeep Singh, the people appreciated them but did you know that as soon as the decision was lodged in the jail, Ram Rahim heard it, what did he do? We show that.

Was not brought on muscle

Ram Rahim was not brought to court in the court to pronounce the verdict. The administration had stood up to bring him from Rohtak jail because he feared violence. Later, the court ruled in jail with video conferencing.

What happened after the decision

Before Ram Rahim's decision, it was a normal sight. However, as soon as Jagdeep Singh ruled him, he grabbed his head. After this he became restless and started roaming in the jail barracks. He ate dinner in the night, but after eating a little, he lay down.