मोदी सरकार के विरोध में 2 दिनो तक भारत बंद में दिखा लोगो का आक्रोश रेल औ...

Various trade unions across the country have called for a two-day shutdown from January 8 against the policies of the central government. Many farmers and teachers association of the country are also participating in the bandh called by the Left parties and its affiliates. During this time transport on roads, work in banks and studies in schools are expected to be affected. Demonstrators are performing rallies and road blocks in different areas.

Given the performance of various trade unions, a number of places in the country have been declared holiday in educational institutions. Many transport unions have also given their support to the shutdown. Union labor unions have accused the central government's policies led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as "anti-worker" and the government has made a one-way change in labor reforms.
Members of Trade Union members on the streets in Karnataka are performing. Police arrested CPM activists performing in Kolkata, West Bengal's capital Kolkata. Common people are also facing problems due to the strike of trade unions in Bhubaneswar.
In Mumbai, Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport has also started an indefinite strike from midnight on Monday due to its demands, which has resulted in huge problems facing the passengers.
Demands for trade unions include salary increases, employment, promotion as well as several other demands, including the increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP). The workers union is also protesting the proposed amendments in the Trade Union Act, 1926.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had on Monday claimed that the strike called by trade unions would not have any effect in the state.
Mamta had said that I do not want to speak a word on this too. We have decided not to support any closing. Now it is too much. In the last 34 years, the Left Front called for a shutdown to ruin the whole state. No longer will be closed
The state government had announced that Tuesday and Wednesday will ban half of their employees for a holiday or accidental leave.