शादीशुदा महिलाओं के बैंक खाते पर लागू हुआ नया नियम जान लो वरना लगेगा जुर...

Find out the new rule applicable to the bank account of married women, otherwise you will feel fine. Guys, you guys are welcome in our channel. After the Jan Dhan Yojana was removed by the Modi government, after which many women have opened a Jan Dhanan Account and have taken a convoy of schemes only for women, or any other account, then you must read this news till the end.

Nowadays, the bank account of every man's wife is open nowadays because some schemes come out by the Modi government, which can only be picked up by women and this is why women's bank accounts are getting a big warning. Because of which many women have suffered losses, if you are a married woman, then you must read this news
Friends, if your annual income is more than 300000, and you are putting your zodiac sign in your wife's bank account to save tax. So this is the biggest mistake of you because if the income tax department gets noticed on your wife's bank account, you may also get a double fine on income, in such a case if you do not want to pay your tax in your wife's bank account Do not do so, if you are collecting money
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