इस लड़की से पांच साल पहले किया वादा अभी तक पूरा नहीं कर पाये हैं सलमान खान

Today we have brought such a thing for you. Where Salman Khan had promised an old woman. But after nearly five years have passed, they have not been able to fulfill it. Five years ago, an old woman, Rukmani and her grandson, went to their hotel to meet Salman. For details, let me tell you that Rakmani is the mother-in-law of Salman. Salman Khan has grown up in his supervision. Salman's delivery was done by Rukmani only. His childhood in his childhood also used to do the same. Because of this Salman also loves him a lot.

When he met Salman Khan for the last time. Then Salman gave him a thousand notes of his signature and had talked about spending his education for his grandson Manisha. Speaking about this, Salman also took his mobile number. But sadly, he became so busy with his work that he forgot his own promise
Now this has happened for five years and Rukmini's grandson Manisha has kept the signed note still handled. Manisha still feels that Salman will remember his promise. Manisha further says that whenever Salman Khan gets the time, he will definitely meet her
Manisha is currently studying. Tell me that Manisha is a big fan of Salman. He has laid many things related to Salman on his table. Salman is not less than any superhero for him. We also hope that Salman Khan will soon remember his promise and help Manisha
Guys you comment on whether Salman Khan should help Manisha or not