SBI ग्राहक हो जायें सावधान अगर मिला है ये मैसेज तो भूल कर भी नहीं करें य...

STAT Bank of India is trying to make its customers better and secure their money. The bank is constantly sending an SMS to its customers. It is being told how the name of the rewind point is being cheated. These fraudsters are getting the details of the credit card's credit to laugh millions of rupees

In the SMS sent by the bank, the bank has to beware of those who promise to give a gift voucher in the name of the rewards point. The bank says that you never have to give your credit card details. Also, do not wear OTP. The bank has also shared a link to a video in this message. In this video, how the fraudsters are cheating, Amit Chauhan, who lives near Delhi's Mayur Vihar Phase I, says that one day he received an SMS to redeem Rewards Points. It took the reward point on the SMS form. Here he has been asked for his personal information. It included email, debit card numbers and more. Through this form, they were also asked for debit card details
As soon as he filled the entire form, in a few minutes, he received a message of bigger transition from his card. After this, he complained to the police station. Experts say that these people hack the OTP email and find out
 The bank says that neither by the bank officials nor by sending an SMS and e-mail, the bank asks for any information from your bank account. That's why we should always avoid such SMS. If any fir is done with you, then report it to the police immediately. Also, tell the bank about the number available on the bank's website.