मोमोज खाने वाले सभी लोग जरूर देख ले ये विडिओ नहीं तो बाद में पछताते रह ज...

Momos are delicious. Someone likes Vegas Momos, so someone is fond of Chicken Momos, no Fried Momos, so no one is happy with Steamde. But we are going to tell you why Momos is the worst street food.

In fact, maido is used in making mumose. Elements such as aziodicarbonamide, benzoyl peroxide are added in the flour. In it, the alloxan ingredients are added so that the flour is soft.
These substances can damage the pancreatitis of your body, which can cause insulin levels in the body. During testing in the lab, it was found that due to these elements humans can also have diabetes.
The quality of chicken meat used to make Momos is very poor. Most of the mumose-filled chicken contains e-coli bacteria that can make you very sick.
Momos chutney is very sharp. However, acute chutney is good for health but excessive acidity can make you a hemorrhoids patient.
According to a research, Delhi's street food (Samosa, Chole-Bhaturi, burger and Momoz) is not worth eating at all. By consuming them, you may have to deal with diarrhea, food poisoning, stomachache etc.
The most common damage to all these street foods is due to eating momos. So if you are in love with health, then stop eating Momos.