ट्रेन का गार्ड नीचे घुस जोड़ रहा था एयर पाइप तभी चल पड़ी गाड़ी फिर जो हु...

In West Bengal the life of the railway worker has survived. Actually, the guard of a railway was recovering the air pipe under the train. Only then did the car move forward, then some people standing nearby raised the voice of the train and stopped the car. Although there was no harm to the guard during this period

Actually, the children and children survived while having an accident at Howrah-Digha Express in West Bengal. When the train going from Dahan to Howrah station started suddenly. During this, the train guard was examining the air pipe below him. According to media reports, after the video was revealed, a railway official said that the incident took place on Howrah-Digha express train in Howrah of Friday.
He said that the air pipe was separated during this period. Whose guard was investigating. At the same time, the CPRO of South Eastern Railway Sanjay Ghosh while talking to the media said that the guard was adding the air pipe, then with the misunderstanding the driver started the engine and the train started running. The driver got information on the screaming people at the station
Ghosh said that an inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the incident. He said that this incident happened due to misunderstanding between driver and guard