बाहुबली फिल्म के सुपरस्टार प्रभास की दुल्हन बनने जा रही है यह खूबसूरत लड...

You will hear the daily news of Bollywood stars. Some of these stories are false, some of them are true. Some time back even news came that Prabhas was going to marry Anushka Shetty. But it could not be done

Now news is coming that Prabhas is married to Chiranjeevi's niece. But when Chiranjeevi was asked about this, Chiranjeevi did not confirm this. For your information, let us know that Chiranjeevi's niece's name is Niharika. This is a movie actress
Friends, according to the news, Prabhas and Anushka were going to get married. But Prabhas was stopped for marriage at the moment. Niharika is currently busy shooting for her Happy Happy Wedding. Amitabh Bachchan will also be seen with Niharika in this movie
Friends, you want Prabhas to look good with which actress, please tell us by commenting