इस बीमारी की वजह से 66 साल से मशीन में बंद है ये शख्स बाहर निकाला तो हो ...

Today, we will tell you about a medical science that will ruin your spirit. Yes, Pole Alexander of Texas has been locked in a machine for the past 66 years. If the pole is taken out of this machine then he may also die. Let's know about this compulsion of the pole

Actually, Pol has been a victim of polio serious illness since birth. Due to this disease, he was unable to breathe himself and many of his issues were stopped. After which Scientists created a machine to keep the pole alive in which the person is artificially given breath. Although the doctors had given up hope of saving the pole alive, but the pole was shut down in 1952 after which the machine was closed till today.
Paul's body under the neck is paralyzed. In this way, Scientists have given a hope to keep alive in front of their family. Then the family closed the pole in the machine, in which he is still a person, according to the scientist
Prior to placing it in the machine, Scientists studied the pole a lot, then they were kept in this machine. The doctor explains that the polio vaccine is the world's most specialized drug. Otherwise, the polio patients would be locked in machines like this. This machine is made like a vacuum pack chamber. In which the air is sent to the human body by the Pumps. When the air goes into the body and pressure increases, the lungs work. The contaminated air is taken out through the fan