राम रहीम की मुसीबतें और बढ़ी अब इस मामले में हुआ दोषी करार कोर्ट ने बड़ाई...

Today we will tell you about the fake Baba Ram Rahim, how now Ram Rahim's troubles have increased. So let's tell you -

Ram Rahim, who used to be a Baba before, who used to do black deeds under the auspices of his saintly saint, has now gone behind the jail and the court has also convicted him as saying that you have already given Ram Rahim The punishment of karma is being punished but now Ram Rahim's troubles have increased and Ram Rahim has been convicted in another case and the court has been convicted and he has also been convicted.

In fact, there was a case of murder of a journalist at Ram Rahim on which the court has now convicted him and convicting the murder of journalist Chattrapati, the court has declared Ram Rahim a punishment, but the court has Decision has been made to be pronounced on January 17. Ram Rahim, along with three other people, Kuldeep Singh, Nirmal Singh, and Krishna Lal have also been convicted.

Ram Rahim has already been serving the punishment of his black exploits and he has fallen on it from now onwards and now he has been convicted in another case, there are many more cases which are still running on Ram Rahim. And the court verdict is yet to come. A wrong person like Ram Rahim should get punishment for his actions