नए साल का सबसे बड़ा तोहफा अब देश में पहली बार अब किसानों को मिलेगा भी पें...

The Congress government is going to give more relief to the farmers after the debt waiver in the state. There is also a plan to give 1000 rupees pension to the elderly farmers. This promise was in the Congress pledge. Pension will be applicable from April 1, 2019. This system is not in any state right now. The Agriculture Department has prepared this scheme to give pension to the farmers. When Kamal Nath returns from Delhi, it will be placed in front of him.

According to the scheme, the benefit of pension will be given to those farmers whose age is more than 60 years and not income tax payers. Farmers dependent on farming will be eligible only. The scheme will get a burden of Rs. 1200 crores on the public exchequer. Meanwhile, a web portal is being made for implementation of debt waiver. A ten-member committee was formed on Friday to resolve its problems and problems. Managing Director of the Agricultural Marketing Board will be its Chairman
PS Rajesh Rajaura of the Kushi Department said that Congress's promise letter is about giving pension to farmers. The Chief Minister has instructed to implement the promissory note. It is being worked on. This system is not in any state of the country.
About ten lakh farmers are expected to come under the purview of pension. Government will conduct surveys for this Apart from this survey, the system of application will also be
The Congress government has decided to give bonus to registered seed producers in the state as well. At present, there are about eight thousand seed producing farmers in the state. They will get a bonus of 265 rupees for wheat seed producers. This will be great relief for seed producers. Its orders will be issued in a day or two. This will bring a burden of Rs 13 crore on the public exchequer. BJP also promised bonuses, but power changed in Padresh