मोदी सरकार की नीतियों के खिलाफ दो दिन का भारत बंद करोड़ों अरबों का हो रहा...

Campaigners supported by Left Front workers have decided that they will announce a two-day nationwide shutdown against the policies of the government and that all the work and officers and shops in the country will be closed. It is being told that in addition to shutting the bank offices and shops inside the shutdown, efforts can also be made to shut down the bus and train. Only after this announcement is the hope that the shutdown can cause millions of crores of rupees across the country.

The reason behind the closure of this two day period is being told that during the tenure of the central government, many such works have been done, so that the common people and the workers have faced difficulties. These are the main reasons why the government took note of the way and in which way GST was implemented after which many people of the country went from work and many people have not yet got jobs because of this Wires also suffered loss due to which the country could still see a recession
Apart from this, the labor organization is now preparing to land on the streets against the employment opportunities which are facing the employment of the youth and the rage of their family. Which the Left parties are supporting
It will tell how big the shutdown will be and how successful it will be able to tell the time ahead but I hope these will be successful in closing India.