यहां छप रहे थे 100, 500 और 2000 के नकली नोट पुलिसवालों ने मारा छापा नजार...

Efforts are on to curb crime and criminals in Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh. Amethi police have taken great success in this sequence. In which the counterfeit currency printer has been arrested, including fully manufactured and semi-built currency.

Amethi Police has achieved major success by taking major action. Informing that on the orders of the Superintendent of Police Amethi, Additional Superintendent of Police Balramachar Dubey, Regional Officer Amethi received information from a special informer in Thanh Piparpur in order to conduct crime against criminals and hold a man in Bhadon village Prints fake notes On the basis of information received from the informant, the police station reached the place told to inform the informant along with his hordes and police force, and caught the accused, Vijay Bahadur Verma son, Ram Sumer Verma, with a lot of luggage, including fake note notes, printer scissors, in the spot. . In which the station officer incharge received some completed notes and some semi-made notes from the notes received on the spot. In the raid, a fake note of Rs 97,700 was found recovered. There are 100, 500 and 2000 duplicate notes of all types.
Piparpur Police is registering a case against the accused in the relevant related streams and sending them to jail. According to the police, the accused arrested have an old criminal history as well. Against this Section 376 rape case is pending in court. Its a gang. For a long time this gang was fully active in making fake notes. The search for which was going on and now this success is a matter of great joy for all of us, the Amethi district policemen.