खुशखबरी मोदी सरकार26 करोड़ किसानों का 4 लाख करोड़ रु कर्ज माफ करने की तैय...

After losing defeat in 5 states including Rajasthan, try to get the farmers to work before 2019

The government's decision to start work on the allocation of funds for debt waiver will start soon. Modi, after taking lessons from the defeat in the elections of Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh assembly elections, is in the process of organizing farmers before the Lok Sabha elections. Media reports on Wednesday quoted government sources as saying that the Modi government has made up for Rs 4 lakh crore of 26.3 crore farmers across the country. The debt is in preparation to forgive. However, the government has denied these claims
Prior to any election, the party, which announced the release of the debt of farmers in its campaign, remained in favor of the election for most of the elections. Examples of the election results of 5 states, including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and recent Rajasthan. According to sources, planning for allocation of money for debt waiver will soon be done. However, Ashok Dalvi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, said, "Debt waiver is a matter of states. Dalvi said that there is no proposal from the central government to forgive the farmers' debt across the country. But, the aim of the government is to increase the income of the farmers. It is notable that Dalvi is also the head of the committee formed to double the income of the farmers
According to analysts, the Lok Sabha elections are close by. In such a situation, there is not much time left to woo farmers by taking guaranteed price of wheat or other easy steps or any other easy steps. Debt waiver is the easiest option. If this decision was taken by the government then the biggest help given to the farmers so far
2008: The Congress-led UPA government paid Rs 72 thousand crore to farmers in 2008. Sorry for the debt. It has the advantage. In 2009, UPA again became the government.

2017: In the Punjab Legislative Assembly elections, the Congress promised to forgive the farmers' debt. Formula was successful. The Badal government was ousted and the Congress got the power.

2018: In the election of MP and Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi counted ten and said - in 10 days farmers will forgive the debt. In both the states, Congress is forming government.
BJP's first test in UP: BJP formed government
During the UP Assembly elections in 2017, BJP made the first loan waiver. Rahul Gandhi started the Kisan Yatra in the elections, but the Modi government has already announced to forgive the farmers' debt. As a result, BJP came to power with full majority