भारत के इस राज्य में मुस्लिम लोग न नमाज पढ़ेंगे और न दाढ़ी रखेंगे लिया ग...

Since the BJP and the Narendra Modi government have come in the country since the country, Hindus have started living in India and strict admonitions have been started on the killing of cows. The news that friends are going to write in today is from a village in Haryana, where a calf died from the youth of Amen

The accused accepted his reply and after this the Panchayat has heard the verdict that no Muslim will be able to keep a beard in this village and he will not read Namaz at public places, the decision of the Panchayat has been accepted with respect. And the accused has been ordered to donate 11 thousand rupees in cowherd.
There are about 500 Muslims living in Titola village and they are all dhobi and in this village now life has banned the killing of cow at Id and Bakrid.
Friends, what is the opinion of this decision of the panchayat, tell us in the comment box