इस महिला को मिला रुपयो से भरा बैग इसके बाद उसने जो किया जानकर आप भी करें...

Where in today's world people are going to eliminate each other's faith by carrying out incidents of fraud and robbery, a young woman has done such a thing in Shimla which everyone is appreciating knowing

Actually, the young woman got a bag full of money and when she opened her eyes, her eyes were torn, because the whole bag was full of notes. There were mobile and necessary papers in addition to the rupees. Seeing all this, even the woman named Bara did not mind and she told the whole thing by depositing the bag in Sanjauli Chowki. The police immediately took action and searched the owner of the purse and returned them
This step taken by the border is an example for Shimla villagers, because in today's time the brightness of sincerity is going down, while the border has brightened it. The border says that when he was sitting on the bus, he found this purse on a bus seat in Shimla. If he saw the purse, then there were papers in addition to the rupees, because of this, he decided that in any case this purse was to be delivered to its owner. After that he immediately got stoned and informed the young man present there.
Investigated the police and investigated the purse owner Kaushalya Lankar market resident youth. By finding the purse of his purse, the youth thanked the border and policemen and said that he would never forget his favor. Friends, tell me what you have to say about this young lady.