लोकसभा चुनाव से पहले सरकार का बंपर ऑफर हर परिवार को मुफ्त में मिलेगा स्म...

All the parties are engaged in every possible effort to win the elections in the 2019 elections. In this, N. of Andhra Pradesh The Chandrababu Naidu government has made a bet that is going to be very heavy on the Modi government. Actually, Naidu has announced to give free smartphone to every family in the state. Government of Naidu says that the government will provide government facilities to every common man through smartphone

The Naidu government has issued a white paper on the state's financial and economic growth rate on January 1. In this white paper, there has been talk of giving smartphones to every family. The government has claimed that through this smartphone, every family of the state can take advantage of government services without having any hassle sitting at home. Not only this, the Naidu government also says that during the four and a half years of rule, the state has achieved an average growth of 10.52 per cent. While this figure in Telangana is 9.7 percent and 7.3 percent in entire India
The Naidu government also says that despite the central government's non-cooperation, Andhra Pradesh is number one in different areas due to hard work. In releasing the white paper, the government counted many successes and said the state is rapidly developing. Capita income on the state has increased to 14.87 percent in 2017-18. While it was 8.4 percent in 2014-15