बाप को बेटे ने नए साल पर दिया ऐसा तोहफा जिसके बाद गले लग फूट-फूट कर रोने...

When the son grows up and gives a gift to the father, then this is the occasion that no father can stop his tears. Father imposes his entire life on his children, the real result of that earning is the same when children grow up and fulfill the father's incomplete aspirations. Yes, parents end their little wishes to give a good future to the child. In the hope that children will light their names and fulfill dreams

One such thing was seen in the District of Kluang in Malaysia (Malaysia). Here a son gave a new car gift to his father on the occasion of New Year. This whole episode was captured in the video, in which the expression of the most special father's face
Let us know, this matter is from Malaysia. Where the son pays Perodua Bezza Car of Perodua (Malaysia's Automobile Company) as New Year's gift. These videos became viral on Facebook, which can be seen in the past that the father did not understand anything at all, what is going on in the end, and then his son approaches and gives him the keys to the car. Then they understand that their son has brought a car to them. Before this, their eldest son has given them a silver-colored Perodua Kelisa car.