औरत के इस अंग को 15 सेकंड तक नहीं देख सकते आप देखा तो हो जायेगी जेल

Nowadays the generation has been impressed by watching movies on the Internet that women should not be respected, according to the Supreme Court recently, if you can not see any woman for more than 15 seconds. Keep this in mind if you Any girl

Staring at the glance, you will not be able to save anyone there, and boys who praise more of girls will also be able to survive during this guideline.
The police officers said in their statement that we do not have any magic wand. You will have to tell your problem whenever we can resolve it during this meeting SP Prashant Khare and ASP Rajendra Verma were also present.
In fact, Afzal had also lauded the consent of many people and many police officers in this regard. He said that now husbands will have to touch their wives feet