ATM से कभी न निकाले इतने पैसे नहीं तो जिंदगी भर पछताओगे

In today's country almost everyone has a bank account and those who have a bank account will have an ATM card. Each of you must use the ATM card and withdraw your money, but do you know a unique thing that you can only withdraw money from an ATM, not the amount of notes I am not talking about I am

This incident happened recently with one of my friends that he had gone to withdraw money from his ATM and at ATM there were only Rs. 100 notes but my friend did not know this thing and the amount he had to pay was very big. That was 15000 rupees and he had entered the machine to get so much money and then what would you do not think
The sound of counting money was coming from the machine and the gate from the place where money came out in the ATM, but it did not open, but the number of cue notes was so high that the machine did not give it to open. In this way the money went back to the ATM and went back to the ATM. But you will say that you will get rid of it again, but it happened that my friend's account had cut 15,000 rupees and he has not returned yet.
Neither money nor hand came to the bank nor when the friend called on the helpline number, he said that you should contact your bank branch but he also did not get satisfactory reply and he said that you can wait for 7 days. But today, even after 15 days, his money has not come back
The bank does not even know that money was said and how long it will be to say that it can be a technical server problem, but in such a way you should never be fooled, so it was necessary to share this information and so I did a little research on it. It came to know that all ATM machines can only withdraw 50 notes at one go, so keep in mind that if ATMs contain only 100 notes, then do not take more than 5000 pennies in one go