आंगन में रात भर चला नागिन का डांस लोगों ने दहशत में छिपकर काटी रात

In the rainy season, there is a continuation of snakes in the city. The city's private snake expert is catching up to 80 to 100 snakes every day through rescue. They are catching them in the jungle, but in the night at the house of God Bhai Dehriya resident of Ganesh Nagar near Kachpura Malgodam, the snake was in discussions. In fact, the black snake (serpent) in the courtyard and dahlan of the day continued there. Its decade increased so much that the people of the Dehriya family spent the night as they slept in the neighboring house. Nagin was caught by serpent expert in the morning

Lord Das Dehriya told that, at 9 pm, when his son opened the bathroom door, the snake blazed. After finale inserting and smoking, the snake remained there. When he started to roam around and run away, the families locked all the doors of the rooms and locked them in the house and they came out of the house. Snake expert Gajendra Dubey rescued the snake at 8.40 am, then a cabin of four and a half feet came out. On this occasion, a serpent of 2.5 feet was also rescued in Ganesh Nagar
Gajendra Dubey said that in one day he rescued four snakes from houses and made Panchanchama and left him in the woods.