फ़िल्म जगत में फिर दौड़ी शोक की लहर इस मशहूर सिंगर की पत्‍नी ने किया सुसाइड

Friends 2018 has proved to be quite bad for the Bollywood industry. One after the other, many Sebbs have died. After the death of Sridevi last month, there are many celebrities who died. The news about the death of all Celebs on the social media continues to be viral. Recently, and the wife of Famous Punjabi singer has committed suicide due to which she died late in the night.

Who does not know Punjabi literature Ajmer Singh Aulakh? Ajmer Aulakh was suffering from cancer, due to which he had died shortly before, but now the news of the death of his daughter has caused widespread grief in Punjabi literature. The case of Sohaj of Sohaj Aulakh, wife of famous Punjabi singer Ajmer Singh Aulakh and wife of famous Punjabi singer, has emerged.
According to the information, Sohaj went to bank with his son to withdraw money. When he came back to his house he went to his room. After few hours when he did not come out of his room, his son went to see him. When the son saw his mother hanging from the fan, he began to scream and all the family members came there and Sohaj was taken out and taken to the hospital, after which the doctor declared Sohaj dead.