शराब बनाने के लिये सांप को ऑनलाइन मंगाना पड़ा लड़की को महंगा मिली दर्दनाक मौत

A strange case has emerged in China, in which the girl was bitten by a toxic snake. This case is strange because the girl had asked for a snake online.

 According to the news the girl was identified by the media as 21-year-old CUKI. Whose finger was cut by a very poisonous serpent in the finger. Snake ran away from the house of Cuqi in the northwestern city of Shanxi province, on the streets of Wayanan. A day later the police found its dead body in the market. According to the Chinese News Agency Xinhua, the girl's mother is preparing to sue the app, vendor and courier company
According to Cucci's mother, how can a poisonous live animal be sold online? And how can the courier company be allowed to transport such a dangerous animal
QQ had bought a snake from XuanZuan, an e-commerce site supported by the Chinese Internet heavyweight tenant
Girl made this snake online for making a traditional wine. Snake venom is used in this wine