इस मशहूर अभिनेता आप समझ रहे थे छोटा मोटा एक्टर वह है कादर खान का बेटा

There are some actors in Bollywood who have played almost every character in their film career. Similar actor is the one who has worked in many hit films of Bollywood. But today I will tell you about Kajar Khan, not his son, who is a Bollywood actor

The name of Kader Khan's son is Sarfaraz Khan. Which has been seen in many films. Seeing father acting, Sarfaraz Khan wanted to become an actor right from his childhood. You will be surprised to know that Kader Khan, despite being a star, kept his children from coming to the movies.
When Sarfaraz Khan completed his studies, he told him to make acting as his career, Kader Khan was upset and immediately refused. Sarfaraz Khan was angry at the refusal of the angry father, he wanted to prove himself in the eyes of the father. After Kather Khan refused, he worked hard and worked in some films too.