65 साल के बुजुर्ग को जंजीर से बांधकर लोगों ने दिया गहरे पानी में धक्का व...

Humans can stay in the water for 50 seconds without breathing more than 1 minute. It is not possible to live without an oxygen mask longer, but there is no shortage of surprises in this world.

Now look at the American David Blaine, who had put a new record in his entire 17 minutes and kept his new breath inside the water for four seconds. This act of David was really a surprise, but today we talk about David Will not do because the other person has surprised the whole world by doing even more dangerous things
The person who lives in Bulgaria is named Yen Petkov. The swimming trainer Jain has done something that was really shocking. In fact, Yen has swimmed into the water without running his hands and made a new record.
First of all, Yain's hands and feet were tied with chains so that they could not use their hands and feet to swim, but in spite of this Yain floated in water. Let me tell you, Yan did this work on Tuesday.
The most surprising thing was that Yen is not a young man but he is 65 years old. Despite the old age, the talent of YAN is really worthwhile.
Yen has broken this record by the Indian fisherman Gopal Kruvi. Tell us, Gopal swimed this record by swiming 3,071 meters in the Indian Ocean. During this period Gopal was also tied