पाकिस्तान की इस लड़की की खूबसूरती देख करोडो लोग हुये इसके दीवाने

Today we are going to meet you with a girl whose beauty you will be crazy to see her. Their name is Alia Rafia, who is a well-known fashion designer. Alia is from Pakistan but still lives in London.

Alia has a boutique of her own, in which she prepares all the clothes herself with her own hands, and the clothes she is wearing wear her clothes. You might be surprised to know but the lamps only design the suit and salwar. Why do they like to wear these clothes
Alia's clothes appear so beautiful that anyone's heart will look for those clothes and wear it. There are lakhs of flyovers on Alia's Instagram and Facebook, we can say that Ali is not less than any celebrity