गोलगप्पे में निकला कुछ ऐसा जिसे देख सरकार ने खाने और बेचने पर लगा दिया प...

Golgappa or water is full, which gets water in the mouth after taking its name. In today's era, who will be the one who does not have its clutter? But people of Vadodara city of Gujarat can not eat golgappa. Health officials of Vadodara municipal corporation have completely stopped selling of golagapps in the city, which will continue till the monsoon ends.

Golgappas, which are eaten with spicy water, are also known by other names in the country such as water purifiers, mouth water, pacha or water intake etc. The movement of Golgpepe is coming from the shadows, but nowadays people are afraid of the name of Golgappa by seeing the way people are being physically abused by making it from serving to serving.
According to the report, the health officials of Vadodara municipal corporation have seized the rotten food stuff used for Golgappa. After repeated complaints from the last several days, those who made golgpepe and sellers were raided in the city.