इस लड़की को ऑटो वालें ने 3 रात रखा अपने घर जब 6 साल बाद लड़की ने किया कुछ...

Today we are talking to you about the life of Bangalore-based auto chalak Diwakar Hansukh, friends were going to their house by evening an evening. When Diwakar came to his house, the voice of someone crying came. Friends, when Diwakar went to see, a 16 year old girl was crying. Divakar said that because of the reason of weeping, the child sticks to the auto-patient crying too fast and that girl said, brother save us. Diwakar took the child to his house and fed him food. After this, the rest of the child was restless, that is why the sister was crying. Then the girl told the whole thing that I am the resident of Delhi and my father's name is Roshan Lal and my name is Aarti Verma. The girl told me that I was studying in BSc but my maternal uncle Arunesh Verma gave me the lure of films This place has a bench. After four days I stayed there on the fifth day in some way and came to Bangalore. I did not even eat food for three days. The friends came in tears in the eyes of Diwakar and she said, sister, now you are safe with me. Divakar had left that girl three days later in his house.

After this incident, Diwakar's accident happened after nearly 6 years, due to which Divakar's foot broke down and slowly it became difficult to raise money for the bread. Then after leaving Diwakar from Bangalore, the rickshaw started coming to Delhi. Because at the same time, his auto was sold, one day the day was seeing a hotel because of a hungry day. Only then a madam came from a long car and he drove the Divakar from the road. But after some time, Madam came out of his tall steps, and began to ask about the rickshaw, when a person said that he might have gone towards this rickshaw.
That madam was broken from the long steps on that side and saw that the rickshaw was eating a happy roti. But Madam noticed Diwakar after seeing him and both of them started weeping together. Then Aarti fed Diwakar with him in the hotel and got good clothes too.
When friends told him the entire incident with Diwakar, then Aarti started crying and now Diwakar has been employed by Aarti in a hotel, but still it is definitely coming to the house every Rakshabandan and rakhi to his brother.