ये टीचर अपने स्कूल की बच्चियों के साथ ही मनाता है रंगरलियाँ पास कराने के...

Nowadays education is not a knowledge but a trade of money. Now it seems like the love of love has begun

We all certainly have to love someone or someone else in our life. Some people love their classmates at school, some get married in the party or in their neighborhood. Love is infamous about one thing and it is that love is blind and it does not look like any age, society, because love is made to cross these limits.
Many times we also make some relationships in love that are considered wrong in the eyes of the world. In truth, there is no foundation for such relationships. The same list comes in the love of the teacher and the student
Nowadays, it is found in news that love and love began to grow in the teacher and the students and both of them crossed the limits. Some people consider this relationship to be right, then in the eyes of some, this sin is called
In earlier times, the relationship between the teacher and the student was considered very sacred and during that time the children used to go to the teacher to get the knowledge and respect them whole, but now this picture has changed completely.