इस महिला नेता के मंदिर में प्रवेश होने से मंदिर हुआ अपवित्र गंगाजल से धु...

Friends, so many years have passed since our constitution has been implemented in our country, but our country's fundamentalism has not yet ended. At the same time, the Supreme Court has adopted a strong stand against the entry of women in many temples of the country.

 An incident has come up in Solapur today, where a case of sanctification of the temple from Gangajal has been brought to the temple by the entry of BJP MLA in the temple. Friends this incident has emerged from the Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Friends, there is Dhumri Rishi's ashram in the village Muskra Khurd.
On July 12, BJP MLA Rath Vidhan Sabha Manisha Anuragai had come to attend a school program. During this he reached the ashram and worshiped in the temple of Dhumr Rishi. The MLA saw the MLA in the courtyard of the temple and did not say anything at that time, but the temple was sanctified by washing it with gangaajal as soon as the MLA went. And the friends did not stop talking here, but the villagers donated the statue of Dhumri Rishi has been re-established by bathing in the confluence of Allahabad.
According to the belief here, the entry of women in this temple is prohibited here. Here women see from outside. According to the people here, this old tradition has been going on for centuries, but this tradition has been broken by the entry of the MLA in the temple.