बिल्डिंग में ही बना डाला 350 फीट ऊंचा वाटरफॉल हो रहा है वायरल देखकर हैरा...

China is far ahead of the rest of the world in the world, the world's tallest buildings are present in China. China is building such a daily, which is a surprise to the whole world whether it be bridge, super fast train or buildings. These days, pictures of such a building on the Internet are becoming viral, from which a beautiful waterfall is falling, this waterfall is about 350 feet high.

At first glance, this picture seems to be flipping, but it is a real picture. In fact, a new building in China, named 'The Liebian Building', is present in South West China, the main feature of this building is that it has a waterfall. This waterfall is one of the world's highest waterfalls
Let us tell you that this waterfall is not played all the time, it is only for special moko. The reason for this is probably that it costs too much to run. About 10 pumps carry water from the bottom to the top of the building and this work costs a lot of electricity.
Some people also believed that too much water was being wasted to make this waterfall, but the owner of the building says that the water used in it is recycled, it deposits 80% of the rain water Got water
A special reason for building this waterfall in the building is that the owner of this building wanted to attract foreign tourists, people can also enjoy coolness under this waterfall. And when water falls from such a height, it also builds rainbow