PM मोदी के पेन की कीमत कर देगी आपको हैरान इसकी कीमत में खरीद लोगे घर

There are many hobbies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who are aware of the world.

PM Modi is fond of wearing expensive clothes and expensive watches. His style of dress is famous all over the world. Modi is wearing a Movedo brand watch which is a world-wide fame. The price of this watch is between 8 thousand and 1.9 lakh. At the same time, the price of Modi's pen will surprise you.
PM Modi holds a special pen. They are considered to be particularly fond of painting. The price of PM Modi's pen is in millions. The special thing is that this pen belongs to the same company
The name of this company is Montblanc. The Prime Minister's Montblanc in Particular Pen is worth 1.3 lakhs. Even before becoming the Prime Minister, Modi has long been compiling a fountain pen. Modi's favorite pen is "Montblanc in Particular". The value of this pen in India is Rs.1,30,000.