अगर आप भी सुबह खाली पेट पीते है चाय तो जरूर देखें इस विडिओ को नहीं तो पछ...

In every house of India, the day starts with tea. If a person does not get tea, then he does not feel like doing anything. 80% of people in India get tea after getting up in the morning. But drinking empty stomach tea is very harmful and it has many problems for your health. By drinking empty stomach tea, together with acid made in the stomach at night and in acid with tea, produces too much acid in the stomach, causing you to become acidity problem. Today, we are going to tell you that the people who take empty stomach tea, what difficulties they may have to face

The person who consumes empty stomach tea in the morning makes their digestive system weak and in the future, you have to deal with many major problems.

Drinking empty stomach tea leads to acidity and gas problems, which can cause you much trouble.

One research has found that the person who consumes more tea is at higher risk of prostate cancer.

No person should drink hard tea. Drinking stiff tea can cause chronic diseases such as ulcers