पंजाबी सिंगर दलेर मेहंदी की बहू की सुंदरता के सामने फेल हो जायेंगी दीपिक...

The most famous singer in Punjab, 'Diler Mehndi' knows the whole world. He has sung many such superhit songs. Who still live on the tongue of people. The superhit song 'Bolo Ta Ra Ra', sung by Diler Mehndi, made him popular in one stroke. This song was sung in every street in every street. Not only this, at every weddings, the song was written on DJ

You know all about Diler Mehndi. But his family also has his wife, three daughters and a son. In today's article we are about to tell about his son's wife. Which is not less than the fairy of Hur
Talk to Daleer Mehndi's son, his name is 'Gurdeep Mehndi'. He was born on June 1, 1989 in Delhi. Gurdeep stepped into Bollywood with the film 'Marie Marriage Karao'. 29 year old Gurdeep Mehendi has married the famous model 'Jessica Singh'. Jessica was born in Finland. So this marriage was in Europe
Jessica Singh is also an actress with a model. Jessica is so beautiful If anybody sees them then they will become crazy. You can see pictures in front of the beauty of Jessica Singh, there is nothing but Bollywood actresses