इस आदमी के काम को देख खुद को खुशनसीब समझोगे देखकर रोना आ जायेगा

Even if you do not do any work or you are unhappy with your work. If you feel bad at work and make excuses, then it is not good. Some people in the world do such things that you can never do

Today we are going to tell you about a man who works to clean stool in Bangladesh. He has to do this to fill his wife's babies. So, think of yourself as a very good house, how well you are born in a house. Do not always complain with your parents. What you do not have to do is the first thing to get rid of hunger first. Be happy in what you are getting. Today we are going to show you some similar pictures, which will make you cry
This is that person about whom we are talking about
It looks so awkward, still poorly
In such a stool, man can not stop a minute, it is very powerful
Stop to go in.
This way the stool pulls out the substances. The hand is a big thing
This kind of work is poor, now you do not understand how lucky you are