भगोड़े माल्या के साथ दिखे विराट कोहली कंधे पर हाथ रख खिंचवाई फोटो और की ...

Team India is on a tour of England and finished on Friday's match with English Cricket County Essex. In this match Indian players have fiercely enjoyed. Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan dance during the match

After the match, photos of Virat Kohli were shared with fans from the Instagram page of the Indian cricket team, after which fans fanned out on the social media and fiercely wrecked. Actually, Virat Kohli was standing with the drums in the photo, while a fan was sitting down there, whose face is getting from Vijay Mallya.
After the photo share, the fans started trolling Virat Kohli. One fan said, "Kohli should not go to London and should not be given to Mallya, he should be punished for it.
After the practice match against Essex, Virat Kohli was clicking the photo with the Fans and the person who is seen in Kohli with the photo is not Vijay Mallya, just getting his face from Vijay Mallya. A fan wrote on social media, "I was cheated for some time, that man is not really Vijay Mallya