ट्रेन में फसा महिला का साड़ी का पल्लू और फिर जो हुआ वो था और भी हैरानीजनक

Every day some new incidents happen in the railway station. But this time an accident happened that stopped everyone's sensation. When descending from the train, the pallu of a woman's sari was caught in the door and the train took her away

Seeing all this, a young man of the Railway Protection Force jumped to save the life of a woman without thinking. Regardless of his own life, the young man took the woman trapped between the moving train and the platform.
This incident is from Kanjur Marg Station in Mumbai. The whole incident has been captured in a CCTV camera attached to the station. Whose video is shocking. Police said that Kanjur Marg was landing at a railway station at 3 pm in the afternoon, leaving a woman from a local train. When descending from the train, his sari was caught in the window of the train. The train ran in so many