सुहागरात पर पत्नी को बेड पर लेटा कर पहुंचा गिफ्ट लेने लौटा तो नज़ारा देख ...

Let us tell you that this incident is from Atria, Village Sahimpur and District Sitapur. A captain retired from the army in this village, who was married on Wednesday and brought his new bride to his house. When a new daughter-in-law came to the house, everyone was celebrating happiness and there was a dazzling atmosphere. Everyone welcomed the song by singing this new world song and ate lots of sweets but they did not know what was going to happen next. After all the rituals were completed, the bride was taken to her room to complete the last ritual of the night, where she was fully prepared for the saaj. The bride too was excited about her first honeymoon but she did not know what was going to happen next, when the bride arrived in the room, she remembered that the face was shown before lifting the veil. Even before the young man entered the room, he went to take a gift already placed in another room. The young man was already smiling in his mind about thinking about his first honeymoon but when he returned happily to his room, the ground slipped beneath his feet.

In fact, when the young man reached the room, there was no bride there, the young man felt that his bride would be in the house only, but when he went to the window and went to the window, there was complete reality in front of him. According to reports, when the young man approached Wiki, there was only a bride's bride but there was no bride in that couple. Despite finding the whole house, the bride did not know anything at all. After this, the captain finally, after calling the bridegroom's house to inquire about him, came to know that he has not even visited his parents' house. Shortly after the bride's house, the captain of the bridegroom also reached home. After a while and inquired, the bride fled home. No one knows the reason for the bride's escape from the house, but the bride has registered a missing woman's wife, the police has searched the new bride in the entire village, but the bride has not yet found any information.