इस विधवा मां ने अपने ही बेटे से कर ली शादी वजह हैरान करने वाली

A surprising case has come to our notice in Sitamarhi. Here a mother has married her own son. Since then the entire village has a sensation

The fact is that here in Sitamarhi, where a widowed mother married her own son. According to the reports, the name of the woman is being told as Jyoti Pathak. The son is named Vikash Pathak.
The mother of Jyoti's husband, Vikas, died in an accident 3 years ago. And since then, the life of the light has been heard heard. And she started drunk
It is said that Jyoti is about 30 years old. And after the husband died, Jyoti was in dire need of a life partner. So Jyoti saved her honor and married her own son