सचिन का बेटा हुआ फेल लेकिन राहुल द्रविड़ के बेटे ने कर दिया कमाल देखते र...

In the Under-19 match being played between India and Sri Lanka, Sachin's son Arjun Tendulkar has completely failed. But on the other hand Rahul Dravid's son Samit Dravid has shown a lot of amazing performance.

Where Arjun Tendulkar gets such a big opportunity, he is constantly failing. Rahul Dravid's son Samit Dravid batted first with a 51-ball knock in the under-14 match in Bangalore. And after that in the bowling also, Dravid gave a brilliant performance, and took 3/9 in just 9 runs. Although this has not happened for the first time, when Dravid has given such a good performance, even before that he has been in the limelight with his spectacular performance.
Arjun Tendulkar failed to take a single wicket after putting 15 overs in the second match of the Under-19 Test, being held with Sri Lanka. After that Sri Lanka were given follow-on feed and they got one wicket. And in batting, they are going to fail soon