50 वर्षीय ससुर ने 20 वर्षीय बहू से रचाई शादी वजह जानकर हो जायेंगे हैरान

Today we are going to tell you about such a marriage. Knowing who you are going to live will be surprised. Yes, guys, today we are going to tell you about the incident of Radhikapur village of Kannauj district. Betta Kamta Singh, who was a teacher of Rameshwar Singh of this village who had married two years ago, had done the girl with Ajubi, a girl from Ajaybpura village of Lakhimpur Kheri district. His father's name is Damodar Singh. Friends, but luck was only approved.

Let me tell you that on July 03, 2018, Kamta Singh was killed by a snake bite just in the solution. Because of which all of Ajabubi's mothers were very upset. Friends also tell you that the wife of Ajaboo's father-in-law, Rameshwar Singh, has died in the past four years. Most surprising is that the people of Ajabubi, who had given the proposal to marry Rameshwar Singh, but Rameshwar Singh was not ready before, but now on Monday, with great enthusiasm, 50-year-old Rameshwar married his 20-year-old daughter-in-law Lee. Friends, also tell you that the people of the village had no clearance from this marriage but no one dared to speak