समुद्र से निकला अनोखा जीव देखकर लोगो में मचा हड़कंप

There are many such reports every year when a new species is discovered in the sea. Even today there are fresh new discoveries in the ocean, sometimes a dipped city is also found in the sea. Today in this article, Will tell you about the most weird things

1. Goblin Shark - This species of shark is almost on the verge of extinction. It weighs around 200 kilograms, it looks like an alien in appearance
2. The Giant Squid - A very large squid was found dead on Japan's coast in 2015, its weight was approximately 1 ton and the length was about 60 feet. It was the largest squid seen till now.
3. River in the sea - If you are thinking that only animals can be found in the sea, then you are wrong. There are rivers, waterfalls and mountains in the sea. We are talking about Black Sea, in which many Rivers flow as well, there is also waterfall here
4. Lost City of Heracleion - In 2013, a lost city of Egypt was found in the sea. The city was sunk in the sea 1200 hundred years ago, with hundreds of boats, gold coins, many temples and other prized possessions. After discovering this city, there was an opportunity to know the world better about Egyptian civilization.
5. Barreleye - This fish lives in very deep sea, so it is very rare to see that the head of this fish is completely transparent