काशी में मुसलमानों ने धोए शिव भक्तों के पैर और कही ऐसी बात जिसे सुन हैरा...

On the last Monday of Rakshabandhan and Savan, a crowd of millions of people had gathered to see Baba Bhole in Banaras. On this occasion, a unique example was seen in the Mercaj Benaras of Ganga-Jamuni Tahajib

Prior to reaching the entrance of the Kashi Vishwanath temple, the Muslims of the colonists and pilgrims werehed their feet and gave relief in the fierce heat by giving them water. No political or political bets on this. The purpose was to give a message of brotherhood to Benaras
On the last Monday of Savan, devotees and folks came to Banaras from the corners of the country for the visit of Bholenath. From 12 o'clock on Sunday night, it took a line to visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple. The devotees who are engaged in the line from the heat of humor, remain helpless. Meanwhile, a group of Muslims in Saraswati gate area, who visited the temple, suddenly surprised everyone.
Mohammed Rashid, Mohammad Akram, with the Post Warden Arif Iqbal, in Chowk area led by Toli, started washing feet of devotees with pipe. Relieved thirsty water and gave relief. It continued till the opening of the temple's cupboard in the morning. Seeing all this, elderly Shanti Devi of Delhi, Urmila of Haryana, Naresh Kumar, who came from Himanchal, many devotees look happy