ये सब्जी खाने से 8 साल की बच्ची के दिमाग में पहुंचा कीड़ा दिए 100 से अधिक...

Recently, an 8-year-old girl received more than 100 eggs of tapeworm in the brain. The disease first started with headache, and when it became serious, the girl started to experience epilepsy. Girl's brain operation took place at Fortis Hospital in Delhi. Now she is healthy but this little girl has a lot of trouble in this journey.

The eight-year-old girl in Gurujram had a headache problem for the past 6 months. Due to acute pain in the head, frequent visits were made. In view of the visit, parents arrived at Fortis Hospital in Delhi. The doctor told that this is not an epileptic attack. City scan revealed that more than 100 cysts are present in his brain. The doctors who see them understand that these are tapevrum eggs. This disease is called "neuro-cysticarsosis". Later he was treated and medicines started to be given
After the diagnosis of the root of the disease, the cyst was successfully removed by the operation of the brain. Now the condition of the child has improved. But one big question is how these eggs reach the brain. According to Dr Pravin of Fortis Hospital, if not clean-up, consumption of contaminated food and semi-finished items goes into the tapevarm stomach. These tapeworm reach the different parts of the body with blood flow